a 150 passenger hydrofoil electric ferry

Cruise Speed
Battery Capacity

Our hydrofoil technology is what enables ELECTRA’S performance

The proprietary technology at the core of Electra is our high efficiency hydrofoil design. This reduces the drag of the vessel by half, allowing for increased range, ride quality and zero wake.

The fastest, longest range electric ferry in the world. By a factor of two.

ELECTRA utilizes cutting edge hydrofoil technology that dramatically reduces hydrodynamic drag, allowing for a high speed electric ferry, whilst also increasing its range to up to 100NM.

A world of route opportunities

With its range of 100NM, Electra is able to cover far-reaching routes, such as servicing 48% of the ferry routes in the Greek region.

100NM could service over 90% of commuter ferry routes in the USA.

Unrivalled passenger experience

The electric propulsion system makes your journey quiet and green. Hydrofoiling means it glides over the waves, giving a smooth ride even in rough water.
Render of Electra Interior

Ferry operators can reduce their cost with ELECTRA

The total cost of ownership of ELECTRA is over one third lower than a comparable diesel-fueled vessel when carbon taxes, ETS, and tariffs are considered.
ELECTRA 20% Lower Lifetime OPEX Cost Graph
Lower Lifetime OPEX

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to charge?
Based on a 2400kW charging system, a full charge could be achieved in less than 3 hours. Put another way, one nautical mile of vessel range would take 1.3 minutes of charging. Common charging schedules often involve many short charges during the day during passenger loading and unloading, and a long charge overnight.
How will it navigate with waves?
A hydrofoil by design has excellent seakeeping in rough waters as the hull passes over the waves removing the typical motions that cause sea sickness. ELECTRA is designed to operate comfortably in the majority of coastal wave environments with seasonal winter peak significant wave heights Hsig = 1.3m and peak period Tp = 6s or greater. Larger waves can be accommodated by increasing the draught of the foils and propellers. If your ferry operations experience greater wave heights, please contact us and we can perform an analysis to design a version of ELECTRA that will work for you.
How will it navigate submerged debris?
ELECTRA’s foils feature a very small frontal area which greatly reduces the probability of debris impact. In addition, ELECTRA is equipped with forward scanning SONAR and a computerized object detection and avoidance system that can detect submerged objects at a range of up to 1000m.
How will it dock?
ELECTRA is a side docking vessel, with a maximum draught of 3.9m in its standard configuration which is acceptable in the majority of ferry docks worldwide. If you require a shallow draught variant of ELECTRA, please contact us and we can design a ELECTRA that works for you.
Does it make a wake?
ELECTRA’s wake when on foils is almost imperceivable, making it the perfect option for environmentally sensitive waterways with wake limitations. ELECTRA’s hull has also been designed to minimise wake when operating in hullbourne mode.
How much does it cost?
The cost of ELECTRA is dependent on the range variant and other region specific requirements. If you would like a cost estimate for your region, please contact us to arrange a cost estimate for you.
What do the little icons in your logo mean?
The icons in our logo are a stylised representation of international maritime signal flags spelling out the acronym of our company, BLT.
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