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ELECTRA Named a Platinum Winner of the 2022 MUSE Design Awards; Hydrofoil Ferry Receives Praise for Zero Emissions Technology and High-Speed Capabilities

Jul 27, 2022

Press Release

Alameda, CA / July 26, 2022 -- Season 1 of the 2022 Muse Design Awards came to a close earlier this year, naming Boundary Layer Technologies’ ELECTRA hydrofoil ferry as the 2022 Season 1 MUSE Design Awards Winner. The vessel took first place in the Transportation Design Category and the Watercraft subcategory. 

The zero-emissions passenger boat was selected for both its decarbonization concept and its sleek, innovative design. As a 150-passenger hydrofoil electric ferry, it is the first of its kind to win the MUSE Awards Transportation Design of the Year. The team responsible for its design, including Boundary Layer Technologies and Studio Bela’s Erik Ulbrecht, received an awards package containing a one-of-a-kind MUSE Awards Statuette, international media coverage, and eternal prestige as ELECTRA will remain in the lifetime winner’s gallery. 

The panel of international judges who determined ELECTRA as the winner had this to say about the cutting-edge vessel:  “ELECTRA, by Boundary Layer Technologies, is a fully electric, zero-emissions hydrofoil passenger ferry. Through its unique flying hydrofoil design, it can travel twice the speed and twice the range of any other electric ferry in existence. This greatly increases the number of routes that can be serviced and opens the door to a green zero-emissions ferry future across the world.”

ELECTRA is unique in both its engineering and design. It features two electric motors that allow it to travel at a cruising speed of 35 knots, faster than most carbonised ferry options. The hydrofoil system allows it to be stabilized and incredibly quiet throughout the journey. It can fit 150 passengers on board the vessel, where they will enjoy a smooth and seamless ride. There are already $90 million in pre-orders for 10 ELECTRA vessels, with the first finished model being slated to launch in Q1 2024. 

About the Muse Design Awards

The MUSE Design Awards are a part of the annual MUSE Awards competition to create a new standard of excellence and innovation, placing a high value on engineers and designers “whose craftsmanship shift paradigms”. More information about the MUSE Design Awards can be found on the official MUSE Awards website.

About Boundary Layer Technologies

Boundary Layer Technologies is a marine technology startup company with an aim to transform global ocean transport through zero-emissions, hydrofoil shipping technology. The company’s cargo ship, ARGO, is a hydrogen-powered vessel capable of traveling twice the speed of normal container ships and is designed to reduce carbonized air freight. Boundary Layer Technologies has also designed ELECTRA, a 150-passenger hydrofoil ferry powered by H2. The company is working towards the mission of reducing global GHG emissions by at least 1%.

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