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Launching the Valo Hyperfoil - an ultra-performance electric foiling personal water craft

Nov 30, 2022
Press release

Press Release

Alameda, CA, November 30, 2022 -- Boundary Layer Technologies, a California-based marine technology startup has unveiled plans for a new recreational product, the Valo Hyperfoil. 

Valo will carry up to 2 passengers, but unlike conventional personal watercraft it will fly 2 ft above the surface of the water utilizing it’s carbon fiber hydrofoil wings, powered by a submerged 108hp electric motor. 

The vessel will have a top speed of 58mph (50 knots), which will make it the world's fastest production foiling craft, as well as the fastest electric boat on the market, according to the company. The hydrofoils will be fully retractable allowing for trailering on a conventional boat trailer. 

They describe the new class of personal watercraft as a ‘Hyperfoil’ - an ultra performance, electric foiling vessel with complete stability and flight control system.

“Valo will be a complete revolution to personal watercraft. The first Jetski was on the market 50 years ago this year, and it’s time for a major upgrade” says Ed Kearney, founder and CEO of the company behind Valo, Boundary Layer Technologies. 

“Valo will be fast, agile, and tremendously exhilarating, all while being near silent and leaving zero wake. It will be like flying a stunt plane but on water. We see this a completely new form of water based mobility”

This product marks an entry to the recreational market after the company was previously focusing on commercial foiling passenger ferries and container ships. The company has been developing hydrofoil technology for the last 4 years and this year demonstrated it’s 4-ton fully electric foiling craft named “Pamplemousse” (showcased on it’s website), which was a testbed for mechanical systems and control software needed for any foiling craft, big or small.

“We are passionate about bringing foiling technology and its huge benefits to ships big and small. We simply shifted from ‘big first’, to ‘fast first’.  What we love about Valo is how fast we can get to market. We are bringing all the technology we were developing for massive container ships and ferries and using it to deliver one hell of a recreational product”  Says Kearney 

The design and build of the first prototype of this craft is almost complete and they expect to start offering first customer demos in just 3 months in February next year. 

“We are able to go so fast because we already have a solid platform of technology to build from, as well as having a truly world class team of engineers who have previously designed America's Cup hydrofoils, rockets and spaceplanes.”

The company will be building a small number of limited edition ’Founders Edition’ craft by mid 2023, before releasing the production vehicle in 2024. The expected price for the production vehicle is $59,000.

“This is not just a high performance PWC. Valo is a fully featured electric aircraft with wings, stabilizers, actuated control surfaces, inertial sensors and complex flight control software, nothing else out there comes close to it ” Said Kearney. 

About Boundary Layer Technologies

Boundary Layer Technologies is a marine technology startup backed by the accelerator Y Combinator, as well as Chris Sacca's Lower Carbon Capital and former Meta CTO Mike Schroepfer. Their mission is to decarbonize marine and air transport by utilizing hydrofoils and zero emissions technologies. 

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